How do I Register?


Registrations for all WNJCC programs is via the Play Cricket Portal

For existing players registered on MyCricket

You will already have a MyCricket ID.

  1. Visit the Wilston Norths registration page on the Play Cricket website.
  2. Select your Cricket Program, click Register and follow the prompts.
  3. If you have forgotten your MyCricket ID or Password click on’Forgot your MyCricket ID?’ or ‘Forgot your password’. An email will be sent to you.
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 2.

* Remember all registrations have to be completed through the Play Cricket website not the MyCricket website.
**Note: you must complete a separate registration for each player.

For new players not already registered on MyCricket

  1. Visit the Wilston North registration page on the Play Cricket website.
  2. Select your Cricket Program, click Register and follow the prompts.
  3. Under ‘New Participants’ click ‘Continue’ to get started.
  4. Complete the online registration and payment.

*Note: you must complete a separate registration for each player.

If you didn’t land directly on the Wilston Norths JCC Registration Page on the Play Cricket homepage then simply:

  1. Select ‘Where Can I Play’ at the top right hand side on the Play Cricket page.
  2. Choose Wilston Norths Junior Cricket Club and follow steps 1 – 3 above.


For security reasons your account will be locked after 5 successive unsuccessful login attempts. Before this happens you should use the Forgot Your Password feature from the login page to generate a password reminder email – enter your email address.


What do I get for my money?

For In2Cricket, participants receive a pack that includes a back pack, bat, ball, hat, shirt and Brisbane HEAT membership deals.

For T20 Blast, players will receive a pack that includes a cap, playing shirt and bag and Brisbane HEAT membership deals.

For Super 6 and Junior Cricket, players will receive a club playing shirt with the remaining funds contributing to insurances, registration, equipment, coaching, use and maintenance of nets and presentation expenses.

What do I do if I’ve registered my child for the wrong program?

Please email and let us know what changes we need to make!

What is the difference in the style of cricket played at Junior level?

In conjunction with Queensland Cricket, BNJCA  over the next few years is implementing a number of changes in junior cricket.  These changes will not be made for the 2017/2018. In2Cricket and T20 Blast formats are as defined by Cricket Australia and Queensland Cricket. Junior Cricket and Super 6 formats are conducted in accordance with the BNJCA Rules available on the BNJCA website.

We recognise the need to extend the levels of participation and as such we will see more changes in future seasons particularly in the early years of cricket participation.

What is the age cut-off?

BNJCA has published the specific age requirements for 2017/18, which are:

Super 6 –Under 8                                        1 SEPT 09 – 31 AUG 11

Super 6 –Under 9                                        1 SEPT 08 – 31 AUG 09

Under 10                                                        1 SEPT 07 – 31 AUG 08

Under 11                                                         1 SEPT 06 – 31 AUG 07

Under 12                                                        1 SEPT 05 – 31 AUG 06

Under 13                                                        1 SEPT 04 – 31 AUG 05*

Under 14                                                        1 SEPT 03 – 31 AUG 04*

Under 15                                                        1 SEPT 02 – 31 AUG 03*

Open Division                                            1 SEPT 99 – 31 AUG 02
(Player must be in Secondary School)

Is Age Dispensation required to move within eligible grades?

The policy position by WNJCC is that a player may play in the age group he/she is turning based on the calendar year and in the age group one year above or down for Super 6 to U12 competitions without obtaining Age Dispensation, two (2) years above or down for girls. For example, a player turning 9 in the relevant calendar year (1 January – 31 December) is eligible to play in the Super 6 Under 9 age group and Under 10 age group.

For the Under 13 to Open Divisions, which are competitive divisions, age restrictions are definite. However, WNJCC Participation Policy caters for dispensation outside the eligible ages based on a player’s physical development and in conjunction with their ability and/or experience, thus it may be such that he or she may be allowed to participate in an age grade competition that is one year above or one year below their eligible age grades. Should you be seeking Age Dispensation please email ( for an Age Dispensation Consent Form.

As a Club, WNJCC Coaches and Club Officials have a duty of care and are bounded by this policy and the BNJCA direction to ensure that players are playing in the appropriate age grade competition based on the player’s physical development and in conjunction with their ability and/or experience.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please email if you have any questions about any of the cricket programs at WNJCC.

If you are interested in finding out more regarding the opportunity for girls to participate, visit or email our WNJCC Girls Cricket Coordinator, Sharlene Hamblin on