Girls Cricket

Wilston Norths is proud to be supporting and building Girls Cricket at Club Level. The Club is committed to changing the imbalance between girls and boys in Junior Cricket and supports BNJCA’s goal of 1 in every 3 Junior players across Brisbane North by 2022/23.

Wilston Norths currently fields ‘all girl’s’ teams in:

U8, U9 (Friday Night Cricket)
U11’s (Stage 1/Beginner/8-13 Years)
U13’s (Stage 2/Intermediate/9-14 Years)
U15’s (Stage 3/Advanced/13-16 Years)

Girls Winter Warehouse Competition 2019


Rob Bailey, Coordinator of the Girls U11 Warehouse Competition has confirmed as of Sunday 30 June 2019 the current four team competition will be expanding to six teams!

The expansion has come in response to a strong showing of girls wanting to participate and feedback about girls getting more cricket out of their games. Wilston Norths Juniors had led the push towards an expanded competition with up to 14 girls wanting to play. With only one Wilston team these girls always showed the true spirit of the game by playing for the opposing teams when opposition numbers were down. Great job girls, you should all be very proud of yourselves.

Another exciting development is the employment of three Queensland Cricket (QC) endorsed coaches who will be available from 9:15am on game days (Sunday, fortnightly) to assist the girls with any aspects of their game that require work.  At commencement of the match the coaches will then be assigned to one of the 3 Warehouse teams (pink, blue and yellow) where they will be coach/match facilitators to make sure that every player gets the most out of the day.

Moving forward it will be important that the parents to get involved in running the game and

Scoring where possible. The QC coaches will be encouraging this aspect and assisting parents with their knowledge and administration of the game. Traditionally this is how junior cricket runs and we are incredibly grateful to those parents and guardians who give their time to help girls pay our great game.

And if that wasn’t enough good news for you – the girls will also be getting their own playing shirt specific to the Winter Warehouse competition. These will be available for the next game Sunday 14 July 2019.

The number one priority of QC coaches, volunteer coaches, managers and parents/guardians is to ensure the girls have fun and continue to grow the game.

Thank you all for your participation and patience during the transition from four to six teams over the school holidays. We are always keen to have more girls involved so please share this news and we look forward to seeing you all at the game!

Please email for further information about training times/location and all other enquiries.



Junior Blasters Program (5 – 7 Years)
Junior Blaster (formerly In2Cricket)

Master Blasters Program (7-11 Years) *All Girls Teams
Master Blaster (formerly Super 6’s and T20)


U11’s – Stage 1 (beginner/8-13 years)
U13’s – Stage 2(intermediate/9-14 years)
U15’s – Stage 3 (advanced/13 – 16 years)

Dates/Cost TBC


Note: Girls can be two years above the boys’ age group. For example, a 12-year-old girl can play in the Under 10 competition.

If you have any questions about playing girls’ cricket at Wilston Norths please email