Girls Cricket

Wilston North is a strong supporter of the growth of Girls Cricket and proudly supports BNJCA’s  goal of 1 in every 3 Junior players across Brisbane North being female by the start of the 2022/23 season.

Australian cricket has a long tradition of producing outstanding female cricketers through the traditional system of incorporating girls into ‘mixed teams’. Of course while we might refer to these teams as being ‘mixed’ they more often than not have been boys teams with a girl included. Unfortunately, while this system has produced some outstanding cricketers it has not been the ideal model for expanding crickets appeal to girls of all ages.

Wilston Norths is proud to be supporting and building Girls Cricket at Club Level and are committed to changing the imbalance between girls and boys in Junior Cricket and adjust the perception that cricket is a sport for ‘boy’s only’.  It recognises the importance of female participation in physical, outdoor exercise and the benefits that come with this.

The new equity pay model has cemented cricket’s leadership in the remuneration of its athletes, and means all elite cricketers earn the same base rate, regardless of gender… longer do Girls have to drop out of Cricket due to a lack of pathway.

Wilston Norths currently fields ‘all girl’s’ teams in U8, U9 (Friday Night Cricket), U11’s (Stage 1), U13’s (Stage 2) and U15’s (Stage 3) which play Saturday Morning’s. This 2018/19 Season the Club will submit an inaugural U15 Premier Team in the Girls Premier December Competition.

For any queries regarding Girls cricket at Wilston Norths please email the Girls Coordinator Kerry Darbyshire


Junior Blasters Program (5 – 7 Years)
Junior Blaster (formerly In2Cricket) is held every Friday evening, 6pm to 7pm,  19th October t0 23 November 2018

Master Blasters Program (7-11 Years)
Master Blaster (formerly Super 6’s and T20) is held every Friday, 5.30pm to 7.30pm, 12th October to 23 November 2018


Brisbane Norths Junior Cricket Association will host a Stage 1 (beginner/8-13 years), Stage 2(intermediate/9-14 years) and Stage 3 (advanced/13 – 16 years)  Pre and Post Christmas Competition.

Note: Girls can be two years above the boys’ age group. For example, a 12-year-old girl can play in the Under 10 competition.

If you have any questions about playing girls’ cricket at Souths, please email our Girls Cricket Coordinator at, with the subject heading Girls’ Cricket.