The aim of the Wilston Norths Academy is to provide an environment where young cricketers can learn and develop their skills, foster a love of competition, a willingness to adapt and positive mindset, through the combination of cricket skills and athletic development.


The Wilston Norths Academy aim is to provide a long-term Coaching & Talent Structure, ensuring Wilston Norths remains one of Queensland Cricket’s talent pathways for years to come.


Improve the quality of cricketer developed by the Club:

  • Take talented junior cricketers’ game to the next level by exposing them to challenging cricketing and athletic environments and scenarios
  • Development of basic coordination, balance, speed and spatial awareness skills
  • Aid in the transition from junior to senior cricket and higher representative honors
  • Facilitate the development of intermediate level juniors through a skills development program
  • Creating self-sufficient cricketers who are proactive, independent trainers with the ability to adapt to conditions and game situations, and execute in all types of match situations

Integration of Senior and Junior Club:

  • Bridge the gap between the transition from junior cricket to senior cricket
  • Provide clear pathways for playing members in the transition from junior to senior

Introduce academy standard approaches to cricket across the whole club:

  • Coach Education to ensure juniors external to the academy can upskill
  • Access to coaching resources, information and session outlines to best develop individuals
  • Creation of Match Day Protocols to ensure continuity across all teams and year levels