Welcome Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Wilston North Junior Cricket Club. If you were with the Club previously, welcome back! To the new players the Management Committee not only welcomes you but also hopes you enjoy your cricket as a junior here with us.

My three sons joined the Club in 1979/80, the then Wilston District Junior Cricket Club had six registered teams that season.  I was roped into doing the Secretary’s job in 1981. My love of the game and the growth of the Club kept me involved as Secretary until 2015 (36 years) despite my sons growing out of Junior Cricket. I was a cricketer who was selected to make up the numbers. From the 2015/16 Season I took over from the retiring President of 26 years, Mervyn Buckley.

Last season we had 49 teams, making us the second largest club in Queensland and growing with talent, indicating we must be doing something right. In 1998, we joined Northern District Senior Cricket Club as their Juniors, changing our name to Wilston Norths Juniors.

Our first Queensland player was Wade Townsend, followed by Cameron Boyce, Joe Burns and Mitchell Swepson. Cam B made the Australian T20 team, Joe B, our first Test Cricketer and Mitch S plays in an Australian A team – four Queensland players and counting. You have joined a Club which foresees a bright future and I wish you happy cricketing!

Mr Glyn Netto
President, 2015 – Current

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