Helmet upgrade offer

For a limited time Wilston Norths is offering Club players a discounted price of $69.00 on the Kookaburra Pro 600 helmet to help players ensure their helmet complies with the new standard from Cricket Australia (CA). As we are buying a significant number of helmets for our training kits the supplier, Keith Dudgeon Sport has kindly offered to provide our members with the same Club discount during this purchase. WNJCC will not be making any money whatsoever on any helmet purchase.

Please read the below information and check any existing helmet to see if it does or does not comply with the new standard before making a purchase. The safety standard BS7928:2013 may be visible somewhere. Other signs of a compliant helmet include a fixed, non-adjustable grill and thicker peak as the main points. A non-compliant helmet has white nuts on the adjustable grill a large gap between peak and grill and very thin and fragile peak. Players with non-compliant helmets will not be permitted to bat, wicket-keep or field close to the batter. It is important to note that most specialist cricket stores have been selling helmets that comply with the new safety standard for the last few years.

If you would like to order a helmet through the Club can you please email your name, helmet size and colour preference along with your best contact details to admin@wnjcc.com.au by no later than Tuesday 27th August 2019.

“The International Cricket Council (ICC) has adopted a new international standard for helmets which is ‘British Standard – BS7928:2013’. CA is supporting the international standard, which means that anyone who plays hard-ball cricket in Australia is strongly recommended to wear British Standard helmets which meet this highest safety standard.

CA is committed to player safety and because of this and the ICC’s directive, it is mandatory for all CA, state and pathway players in CA managed competitions to wear BS7928:2013 helmets when batting, wicket-keeping up to the stumps and fielding in close to the batter.

These recommendations are all about safety and therefore it’s essential we all adopt and enforce this mandate this as soon as possible to ensure we provide the safest possible environment for our players to play cricket.

To improve helmet safety, the ICC worked with British sports protection experts and consequently it is the British Standard that has been updated and chosen to be the de facto international standard for helmet safety. The British Standard sets a higher all-round standard for helmet safety and its key benefits include:

  • an enhanced test for projectile-facial contact that assesses for penetration of the ball through the faceguard and subsequent contact of the faceguard onto the face
  • a separate test for men’s and junior sized balls
  • a new test for improved protection of the temporal (side) region of the head
  • a new test for improved occipital (rear) protection of the head”

For further information and resources please visit: https://www.community.cricket.com.au/clubs/policies/helmets

*The above information has been provided by Cricket Australia for community clubs and their members.