U10‘s to Open’s

Our Junior Cricket program fields teams in the Brisbane North Junior Association (BNJCA) Boy’s and Girl’s competition in; Boy’s Under 10/11/12/13/14/15 and Open (U16 – U18) and Girl’s Stage 1 (U11)/Stage 2(U13)/Stage 3(U15).

Matches are played against teams in the Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association (BNJCA) Competition at venues around Inner North Brisbane. The match draw and field locations are posted on the MyCricket website prior to the start of the season.

IMPORTANT DETAILS: In 2019 the BNJCA implemented New Formats for the U10 & U11 Age Groups. Click here for a summary of these changes.

  • U10 & U11 –Min of 5 and Maximum of 9 players, 7 players to take the field, T20 games, 20 over innings. Batters face a set number of balls regardless of the loss of wickets. Bowlers bowl one over spells and fielders rotate each over. No LBW rule applies.
  • U12 –Teams of up to 13 players play one day games with 26 over innings, and two day games with quarters comprising a total of 50 overs for each team. Overs comprise a maximum of 8 deliveries or 6 fair balls. The LBW rule now applies.
  • U13 to Open –Teams of 12 players play standard innings of 26 overs in one day games and 55 overs in two day games. Overs comprise a maximum of 10 deliveries or 6 fair balls. No on-field coaching is permittedU10 teams play one-day games comprising 24 over innings.

U10 & U11 Competitions are focussed on player development and do not involve a competition ladder or premiership. The Under 12 to Under 15/16 age groups play for a premiership. Players from Under 12 have the opportunity to enter the Representative Cricket pathway should they be selected by the club to trial at BNJCA selection days.

Match Times

In the Pre-Christmas Competition (Term 4) games are Saturday Morning and consist of two (2) sessions for the U10 and U11 age groups, except U14’s who play in the afternoon :

Session 1: 7.15am – 8.15am (15min break) 8.30 – 9.30am
Session 2: 9.45am – 10.45 (15min break) 11.00am – 12noon

**Play must conclude no later than 9.30am and 12 noon for each sessions, irrespective of how late a match starts**

Saturday Afternoon games (U14’s) are:

Session 1: 1.15pm – 4.45pm

**For these games, if play commences later than 1:15pm the scheduled finish time shall be that time which is 31⁄2 hours after the commencement time subject to the proviso that irrespective of how late a match starts, play must conclude no later than 5:00pm on the same day**

Match rules are available on the Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association (BNJCA) website.

Friday Night games are:

Session 1: 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Girls Cricket Competition – Junior Cricket Stages 1 to 3

The Girls Cricket Competition (GCC) coordinated by BNJCA allows girls aged 9 through to 18 to play in club teams against girls from other clubs. Of course the girls are divided into Junior Cricket Stages 1, 2 or 3, according to their abilities, with the rules of these games adapted to accommodate their particular skills level and physical maturity. This is accomplished by varying the pitch length, ball weight and boundary size among other things to ensure the format suits the particular age range in question. More information regarding Girl’s Pathways can be found on the BNJCA Girls Cricket website.

Players register as normal through their Club Registration process.


Pre-Christmas Season (Term 4) 9 Weeks:                             Saturday, October 13th – Saturday, December 8th

Post-Christmas Season (Term 1) 8 Weeks:                             Saturday, February 2nd – Saturday, March 23rd


This season the Club is trialling single-night age group training sessions.

Age Group Day Time Location
U8 & U9 Friday’s 4:50pm to 5:30pm Gibson Park, Stafford
U10’s Tuesday’s 5:00pm to 6:15pm Shaw Park, Junior Nets
U11’s & U12’s Wednesday’s 5:00pm to 6.15pm Shaw Park, Senior Nets
U13’s, U14’s, U15’s Monday’s 5:00pm to 6:15pm Shaw Park, Senior Nets
Girl’s Thursday’s 4:15pm to 5:15pm Shaw Park, Senior Nets
Open’s The Coach will determine practice times and will advise parents. Training may be conducted off-site at local schools.
Note: This is not to say a team can’t elect to hold its own additional training session.

Periodically the Club Coaches will join team training sessions to lend their experience and share their wisdom.

Registration and Fees

Full Season Fees (Pre & Post Christmas) are $280 (17 Weeks). Half Season Fees $230 (8 Weeks). Visit our registration page for more information on fees for 2018-19 season.