Our Super 6 program is designed to introduce children to the game of cricket and is all about the players enjoying themselves and having fun.  It is the first level of team cricket played as an intra-club competition, the rules are to create activity and stop boredom.

Using a shorter pitch and smaller boundaries it is a modified game designed to maximize participation and develop skills.

Super 6 cricket is for boys and girls aged between 7 and 9 years (boys) or 7 and 11 (girls) who have reached a basic level in batting and bowling (i.e players can, most times, bowl without throwing).

WNJCC will field a girl’s only team if enough players are available.

Children prefer to play the real game and look like a cricketer by wearing the club clothing or whites. Batters are to use protective pads and gloves, including the wicket keeper.  Helmets are also recommended (these are supplied).  This allows children to become used to playing in the correct equipment and to experience how a real game of cricket is played.

Different to T20 in that the kids wear a club shirt and use a harder ball (not as hard as a leather cricket ball nor as soft as a rubber ball) and play with a junior hard bat.


Games are Friday evening’s, 5.30 to 7.30pm at Gibson Park, Stafford

Pre-Christmas Program (Term 4) 9 Weeks:                               Friday, October 6th – Friday, December 1st

Post-Christmas Program (Term 1) 9 Weeks:                             Friday, January 26th – Friday, March 16th

Note: The club will hold a U8/9/10 Skills Development Day including Queensland Cricket Skill Zones on Sunday, September 10th. Sign-up to our Facebook and Twitter accounts to stay up-to-date regarding these sessions and more.


Training is also on Friday afternoon’s 5.00pm to 5.30pm, 30min prior to games. Team Coaches who are parent volunteers are assisted by Grade cricketers from our senior club, Northern Suburbs District Cricket Club. Bowling is the most important part of the coaching program for these age groups.

In the past some teams have decided to add an additional mid-week/weekend training session (sometimes combined with a swim and BBQ) but it is not essential or compulsory.

All team coaching and training to be held on the club oval. Spend 10 minutes with players bowling to each other in pairs at the start of each training session, to improve their accuracy. Players are  encouraged to have their own ball for home practice

Clothing and Equipment

Registered participants receive a club playing shirt and are required to purchase their own white bottoms (long or short) and cricket protector (box).  A hat, covered shoes and a water bottle are essential.  All other equipment is provided in the team kit, including helmet(s).

Registration and Fees

Full Season Fees (Pre & Post Christmas) are $270 (18 Weeks). Half Season Fees $220 (9 Weeks).  Visit our registration page for more information on fees for 2017-18 season.

FAQ(S): Do I have to play for both Term 4 and Term 1? Is there a Pre or Post Christmas fee?

Yes, however, if moving TO Super 6 from In2Cricket, T20 or are a new member post Christmas, you will pay a half season membership that will cover playing shirt, registration costs and contribute to ball, equipment and coaching costs.