Welcome to Season 2019/2020

Dear Parents, Guardians and Junior players,

Wilston Norths Junior Cricket Club is excited to announce its 2019/2020 summer cricket season. We look forward to welcoming all new and returning players to our Club for what is shaping up to be an exciting summer of cricket.

During the off season Cricket Australia made some significant changes and improvements to junior cricket. Full details (updated 08 August) are included below and we encourage you to take a moment to read these, in particular the changes to player helmet safety standard requirements and U12 junior cricket stage 2 formats and rules.

2019/2020 Summer Registration Prices

Saturday Cricket (season starts 12 Oct)

          • Saturday Junior Boys U10 and above – Full Season $340 $290*
          • Saturday Junior Boys U10 and above – Half Season $290 $240*
          • Saturday Junior Girls U11, U13, U15 – Full Season $160

        *Register by 10 September 2019 to secure discounted registration fee

        Full Season runs 12 Oct – 21 Oct (break 7 Dec – 1 Feb)
        Half season runs 12 Oct to 7 Dec

    **If you wish to play with a particular team or player please indicate this during registration at the question “Name of team or player you wish to play with**

  • Match times

    Girls U13 starts 7:30am finishes 10:20am

    Girls U15 starts 7:30am finishes 11:00am

    Boys U10 starts 7:15am finishes 09:30am

    Boys U11 starts 09:45am finishes 12noon

    All other age groups shall commence at 8:15am and the scheduled finish time is 11:45am. If play commences later than 8:15am the scheduled finish time shall be that time which is 3½ hours after the commencement time subject to the proviso that irrespective of how late a match starts, play must conclude no later than noon on the same day. Note: A game that commences at 8:20amshall finish at 11:50am, commences at 8:25amshall finish at 11:55am, commences at 8:30amor later shall finish at noon*

    *Some games will be scheduled to be played Saturday afternoon from 1:15pmto 4:45pm. For these games, if play commences later than 1:15pm the scheduled finish time shall be that time which is 3½ hours after the commencement time subject to the proviso that irrespective of how late a match starts, play must conclude no later than 5:00pm on the same day.

    Note: A game that commences at 1:20 shall finish at 4:50, commences at 1:25 shall finish at 4:55, commences at 1:30 or later shall finish at 5:00pm.(iii).Some games may be scheduled to be played Friday afternoon from 5:30pmto 9:00pm. For these games, if play commences later than 5:45pm the scheduled finish time shall be that time which is 3½ hours after the commencement time subject tothe proviso that irrespective of how late a match starts, play must conclude no later than 9:15pm on the same day. A game that commences at 5:35pm shall finish at 9:05pm, commences at 5:40pmshall finish at 9:10, commences at 5:45 or later shall finish at 9:15pm.

    Team sizes

    The number of players permitted to bat and bowl is:

    Master Blasters – 8 players

    Under 10/11 Boys/Girls – 9 players

    Under 12 – 13 players

    Under 13 to Open – 12 players*

    Girls’ Cricket 2 (Under 12/13) – 11 players*

    Girls’Cricket 3 (Under 14/15) – 13 players

    *Subject to a maximum list of 13 players, a further 2 replacements are permitted as per BNJCA Rule 12.10(v).

    Click here to view BNJCA Rules (these will be updated in late September)

    Age Dispensation

    If you are considering a request for your child to play up or down an age group please refer to the following information: https://wnjcc.com.au/age-dispensation/

Friday Night Cricket Blast (season starts 11 Oct)

        • Junior Blasters Boys and Girls (5-7yrs) – Half Season $140*
        • Master Blasters Boys and Girls (7-10yrs) – Full Season $290**
        • Master Blasters Girls only (7-10yrs) – Full Season $160**

      *Junior Blasters fee includes Junior Blasters Pack (personalised shirt, Big Bash hat, bat, ball, stickers and scorecard)
      **Master Blasters fee includes WNJCC Club shirt, Big Bash player cap of choice and skill scorecard

Full season Master Blaster runs 6 Oct – 20 Mar (breaks 6 Dec – 31 Jan)
Half season Junior Blaster runs 6 Oct – 6 Dec

Registration fees cover BNJCA registration, field hire and maintenance, lights and utilities, WNJCC match shirt, training and playing balls, scorebooks, training equipment and administration and will help to fund our newly created Director of Coaching and Friday Night Coordinator positions.

For more information and comparison across these programs please check the following links:

Important Changes to U12 Game Format

Following from recent changes made by Cricket Australia to the Junior Cricket Pathway, the Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association (BNJCA) has finalised playing formats for the U12s this coming season:

Stage 2 and Under 12

  • Stage 2  – operate off an 18m pitch length, be 3 hours long, have 9 players to a team, be played in one morning and use Cricket Australia Stage 2 rules, 30 over option. (See attached Stage 2 overview). All these games will be one day games.
  • Pathway Cricket – operate off an 18m pitch length and use the same rules as last years U12 competition i.e. 50 overs per team, played in 2×25 over halves, with up to 13 players and over 2 Saturdays. This is the same format that has been played for a number of years, with the only change being the 18m pitch length.

U12 players will be asked to choose their format preference from a mandatory drop down box during the registration process. All other age group players can select “N/A”.

BNJCA has asked that all Clubs ascertain, on registration, what format the U12s players wants to play. If there are insufficient numbers to form a team in either format we will consult with the team’s parents, coaches and managers to inform a decision to amalgamate players and form a team of either type or merge players with another club to form a particular format team.

The U13s competition will have a minor change for the 2019/20 season with 142gm balls used instead of 156gm, to match the State Challenge ball size. Games will be played under the same playing rules as the 2018/19 season.

Stage 2 format rules are attached below:

Important Changes to Helmet Safety Standard Requirements

Please take a moment to read the following important information about player safety.

“The International Cricket Council (ICC) has adopted a new international standard for helmets which is ‘British Standard – BS7928:2013’. Cricket Australia (CA) is supporting the international standard, which means that anyone who plays hard-ball cricket in Australia is strongly recommended to wear British Standard helmets which meet this highest safety standard.

CA is committed to player safety and because of this and the ICC’s directive, it is mandatory for all CA, state and pathway players in CA managed competitions to wear BS7928:2013 helmets when batting, wicket-keeping up to the stumps and fielding in close to the batter.

These recommendations are all about safety and therefore it’s essential we all adopt and enforce this mandate this as soon as possible to ensure we provide the safest possible environment for our players to play cricket.

To improve helmet safety, the ICC worked with British sports protection experts and consequently it is the British Standard that has been updated and chosen to be the de facto international standard for helmet safety. The British Standard sets a higher all-round standard for helmet safety and its key benefits include:

  • an enhanced test for projectile-facial contact that assesses for penetration of the ball through the faceguard and subsequent contact of the faceguard onto the face
  • a separate test for men’s and junior sized balls
  • a new test for improved protection of the temporal (side) region of the head
  • a new test for improved occipital (rear) protection of the head”

For further information and resources please visit: https://www.community.cricket.com.au/clubs/policies/helmets

*The above information has been provided by Cricket Australia for community clubs and their members.

It is important to note that most specialist cricket stores have been selling helmets that comply with the new safety standard for the last few years.


Before deciding to buy a new helmet check your existing product to see if it is compliant. The safety standard BS7928:2013 may be visible somewhere. Other signs of a compliant helmet include a fixed, non-adjustable grill and thicker peak as the main points. A non-compliant helmet has white nuts on the adjustable grill a large gap between peak and grill and very thin and fragile peak.

We will soon be announcing a discount for members needing a new helmet as we will be purchasing in bulk to update our training kits. More details will be announced this week.

Registering with a Mycricket ID

Cricket Australia now requires that all junior players register online using the Playcricket portal found here Play Cricket

Existing players registered on MyCricket

You will already have a MyCricket ID.

  1. Visit the Wilston Norths registration page on the Play Cricket website
  2. Select your cricket program, click ‘Register’ and follow the prompts
  3. If you have forgotten your MyCricket ID or password click on ‘Forgot your MyCricket ID?’ or ‘Forgot your password’. An email will be sent to you
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 2

For security reasons your account will be locked after 5 successive unsuccessful login attempts. Before this happens you should use the Forgot Your Password feature from the login page to generate a password reminder email – enter your email address.

* Note: you must complete a separate registration for each player.

For new players not already registered on MyCricket

  1. Visit the Wilston North registration page on the Play Cricket website
  2. Select your Cricket Program, click ‘Register’ and follow the prompts
  3. Under ‘New Participants’ click ‘Continue’ to get started
  4. Complete the online registration and payment

*Note: you must complete a separate registration for each player.

If you didn’t land directly on the Wilston Norths JCC Registration Page on the Play Cricket homepage:

  1. Select ‘Where Can I Play’ at the top right hand side on the Play Cricket page
  2. Choose Wilston Norths Junior Cricket Club and follow steps 1 – 3 above