Important changes to Junior Cricket formats

The Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association (BNJCA) has finalised the playing formats for U12s this coming season.

There will now be two U12s formats:

  1. A “Junior Cricket Stage 2” competition operating off an 18m pitch length, games three hours long and 9 players per team played in one morning using Cricket Australia Stage 2 rules.
  1. A “Pathway Cricket” format operating off an 18m pitch length, using the rules as per U12 State Championships and played over two days similar to this current year’s u12 competition.

BNJCA has asked that all Clubs ascertain, on registration, what format the U12s players wants to play. If there are insufficient numbers to form a team in either format we will consult with the team’s parents, coaches and managers to inform a decision to amalgamate players and form a team of either type or merge players with another club to form a particular format team.